People counting technologies

Our optical people counting product is able to provide more than 98% accuracy through a special shape-recognition algorithm, even if there is an unusually huge crowd or people are moving around (stepping aside, turning back). Our technology’s outstanding features help you to plan your costs more accurately, and also gives you high level of security by the accurate counting results.

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Reporting interface

CounterGuard facilitates unique measurability and coordination: each location, gate, room can be equipped with sensors, and the software is able to manage and display this in its complexity, on a single interface.

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It is the strategy of our IT research and development company to recognize new business needs arising by the progression of science and technology and to provide highly innovative, marketable products for these needs. Dolphio Technologies is the only Hungarian company that was selected among the Top 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Europe on Deloitte‘s Technology Fast 50 ranking for three consecutive years.

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Optical visitor counting
The most effective technology

Real time people-counting; reports for the owner, operator, security service and marketing.

  • It counts precisely even in a crowd (stereo camera, automatic video processing).
  • The camera unit doesn’t record pictures/videos, so it doesn’t violate personal rights.
  • It counts only persons.
  • Remote and direct access.
  • Visual reports with graphs and charts.
  • Available on mobile phone.
  • Continuously controllable number of visitors.
  • Customized security indicators, alerts.
  • After installation, our technician team and customer service provides hotline assistance in the operation.
  • Permissions and accesses can be delegated in multiple levels.
  • Guaranteed data security – thanks to the customized development, external access is impossible.

  • What are the features of people counting?
    Thanks to our complex query/analyst software:

  • you can get real time report;
  • you can execute peak time and utilization analyses;
  • you can retrieve attendance data in the archive for security and cost planning;
  • by measuring the efficiency of marketing channels, you can optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly and save costs;
  • you can get reports by type of events, days, or by hours;
  • you can check the ratio of sold tickets and the number of actual visitors;
  • you can optimize your available human resources;
  • you can plan your rental fees based on attendance data.

  • Shopping Malls

    The needs of our customers are unique and they need more than just controlling the number of visitors in a given place. The CounterGuard’s customized, unique sensors can be tailored to the different needs of the facilities:

    Monitoring and measurement

    Monitoring the actual number of visitors in the facility - you can know exactly which entrance was used by how many customers on a given day. Conversion measurement. By taking into account the utilization of the building, the maintenance tasks and costs can be identified.

    Annexes and parking lots

    Measuring the performance of annexes and monitoring the utilization of parking lots - when the number of cars arriving to the parking lot reaches a given level, a new floor is opened.


    Visitor statistic of any time interval. Daily email reports about the attendance data of the previous day. On-demand dashboard-style data visualization on a central monitor, so you can easily track the number of visitors in real time. Comparative analyses: comparing the results of previous years, or the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

    Temporary measuring points

    Measurement of promotions, attendance of events by installing temporary measuring points with mobile gate systems. Statistics on the move of the crowd can be set up, so you can see when and how many people arrived to each gates, thus the number of entry staff can be planned efficiently.


    Security system and staff can be optimized based on traffic data. Control of the entering traffic to avoid crowded routes, and recommendation of alternative routes on the basis of utilization. In the case of an official control, you can prove that the current number of visitors in the facility doesn’t exceed the permitted limit.

    Marketing strategy

    Optimizing marketing costs, analyzing and remeasuring marketing campaigns on monthly and annual level.


    Visualizing the location of the sensors on maps, broken down to levels, multilingual interface, creating customized views.

    For catering establishments

    Optical guest counting system

    Disaster recovery

    In the case of an official control, you can prove that the current number of visitors in the facility doesn’t exceed the permitted limit with the data provided by the system.


    The alarm function of the system sends an alert to the entry staff in case the number of visitors reaches the limit.

    Real time data

    The system provides real time information about the incoming and outgoing visitor traffic, but it also facilitates queries for several months aback.


    Statistics can be set up about the movement of the crowd, so we can see when and how many people arrive to each gates, thus we can effectively plan the staff at the entrances.

    System properties:

  • The type that can count in infrared range, provides precise data even in dark places, without applying assisting lights;
  • provides data in real time about the incoming and outgoing visitors;
  • facilitates non-contact entry;
  • sends an alarm when the number of visitors reaches the limit.

  • 600x370

    CounterGuard Counter Gate

    This counter gate is developed especially for events and festivals. It is a fast to install, easy to move, ideal optical visitor counting solution equally for indoor and outdoor events.

  • provides data in real time;
  • flexible constructions, from a few days’ rent to long-term installation;
  • modular design for the development of access control systems made up of multiple gate elements for both indoor and outdoor use;
  • facilitates non-contact entry, no need of armbands;
  • number of visitors can be remeasured, security conditions can be kept, complex reporting opportunities;
  • battery powered solutions do not require power supplies either.

  • Whom we recommend it for:

  • For organizers of indoor or outdoor events
  • Company or private assemblies
  • Conferences, professional lectures
  • Festivals, concerts
  • Outdoor parks, public places
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    Cultural centers


    At popular events, there are strict rules for the limit of visitors, so it is highly important to know the exact number of the visitors present. The security service watches the number of present visitors on a screen and they will allow the visitors to enter according to the real time data. This way, overcrowding can be avoided.

    Transparent statistics to help organizing events

    In case of regular events, the utilization of the place can be planned. This makes it easier to plan staff, cash desks and security services. The popularity of events can be measured, and in case of one-off events, we can easily see through the number and distribution of arriving visitors.

    Whom we recommend it for:

  • museums
  • galleries
  • exhibition organizers
  • tourist information centers

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    Optical Passenger Counter

    Knowing the exact number of passengers is a strategic factor for each transportation company.

    Effective, automated passenger counting facilitates:

  • the planning of routes;
  • the monitoring of the service’s utilization;
  • the effective planning of resources;
  • the improvement of public transportation infrastructure.

  • The pictures of the cameras are processed in real time, so they don’t record any pictures or videos!

    The counter can be connected to other data collecting on-board units of vehicles, and the counting data will be delivered to the internal server together with other information. The equipment can be supplied by independent GPRS connection which transmits data directly.


  • MOM Park
  • Alba Volán
  • Ázsia Center
  • Budavári Pálinkafesztivál
  • Corvintető
  • Dockyard
  • Hatvani Volán
  • Maxcity
  • Miskolci Városi Közlekedési Zrt.
  • Téli Etyeki Piknik
  • Újvilág
  • Zöld Pardon

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    Which technology is the most effective?

    CounterGuard vs.

    Laser gates based on discontinuity

  • Laser gates based on discontinuity can easily be circumvented at nightclubs and they can't even provide accurate data in shopping malls, as they can’t handle multiple people passing through the gates at the same time. CounterGuard, by contrast, provides accurate data regardless of the height of the people, even in a crowd, and it can also handle visitors with strollers.

  • Wifi based counters

  • At first, it seems to be a good idea not to determine the number of people but the number of mobile phones. These solutions hold, however, several problems. On the one hand, the mobile phones’ wifi service must be turned on, which, by most users is not a default setting; on the other hand, one person can have more than one mobile, while another person might have none at all. CounterGuard counts in every case accurately, as its algorithm focuses on the shape of persons.

  • Heat detection systems

  • Heat detection systems, the accuracy of which can be over 80%, are also widespread. However, this accuracy might be reduced by many factors. Heat camera solutions, for example, can’t be applied where headroom is less than three meters, they are also sensitive for weather conditions, air curtains and air conditioners. Their field of view is narrow, therefore, a costly field survey is required prior to installation. By contrast, our product has a wider field of view, insensitive for temperature changes, and the type that counts in the infrared range provides accurate data even in poor light conditions.

  • Contact:

    András Baranyai

    Product Manager

    Phone: +36 20 408-4920